bi bim bop

In dinner on March 21, 2015 at 9:24 pm

bi bim bop is a korean rice dish with meat, vegetables, pickles or kimchi, raw egg and sauce, traditionally served in a roaring hot stone bowl. when you mix everything together, the bowl heats everything, cooks the egg a little and produces yummy toasted rice around the outside.

it’s easy and delicious to recreate at home, even if you don’t have roaring hot stone bowls. my adaptation uses regular cooked white rice and a soft-boiled egg rather than raw.


for other toppings, i had:

  • sauteed chard with garlic and maggi sauce
  • sauteed mushrooms with sesame oil and sesame seeds
  • carrot and diakon radish pickles (leftover from banh mi!)
  • roasted tofu
  • sliced green onion
  • traditional garlic-chili sauce that he made

i thought it turned out great. the mix of flavors is so yummy and it very much feels like comfort food, while being healthy and full of veggies.

belated cakes

In dessert on March 21, 2015 at 9:23 pm

some baking i’ve been up to recently…

for valentine’s day, a chocolate layer cake with sour cherry jam inside and – i couldn’t help myself – red frosting!


for decorations, i melted chocolate and piped hearts and other shapes,


letting them harden before applying them to cake.


for mr e’s birthday, his and hers cupcakes.


his were double-chocolate-mocha cake with bailey’s frosting and cocoa shifted on top.


they were supposed to be reminiscent of a glass of guinness…

hers were vanilla cake with sour cherries, and pink vanilla frosting with white and red sugar.



pi day

In dessert on March 15, 2015 at 1:58 pm

yesterday (march 14 or 3.14) was pi day, so i wanted to make a pie. ekw sent this black-bottom oatmeal pie from smitten kitchen and combining my two favorite things – oatmeal and chocolate – sounded too good to pass up.

it was just for him and me, so i made a mini.


this ended up being a bit of a problem. i don’t have a mini pie dish, so i used a small tart pan. as you  may or may not know, tart pans – unlike pie dishes – have removable sides so as to cleanly de-pan and serve your tart. this means the bottom isn’t water-tight.

the recipe calls for blind-baking the crust (baking it halfway empty) and lining the bottom with chocolate ganache, so i mistakenly thought those two steps would help “seal” the bottom. unfortunately not. during baking some filling ran out the bottom of the tart pan. fortunately, i was baking it on a rimmed baking sheet, so nothing fell to the bottom of my oven and burned. that would have been gross. but i don’t know what the missing filling did to the consistency of the pie filling.


in any case, whether my fault or the recipe’s fault, we weren’t blown away by this pie. given all the good ingredients in it, and deb’s mouth-watering description, it seemed like a home run. in reality, it was a lot more like a bunt towards the mound that was bobbled by the infielder: we still got to base, but in a half-hearted and ungraceful way.

if you make it and have a better experience, please do let me know. the comments on the post over at s.k. are all extremely positive, so it really might be worth trying again (full-size, of course).


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