recipe index

by popular demand, this is an alphabetized index of all recipes on incredible crunchy flavor. it does not include posts to links, restaurant reviews, guest blogs, or other commentary.

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almond macaroons
almonds, maple-roasted
anadama bread
apple chips
apple cupcakes
apple flapjacks
apple tart
applesauce cinnamon-raisin swirl bread
asparagus, lemon-roasted
asparagus and lentil salad
asparagus tangle
aunt mabel
autumn vegetable bisque
avocado dressing
avocado salsa


baba au rhum
baba ganoush
baked eggplant
banana-blueberry breakfast thing
banh mi
banana bread with raspberries and chocolate chips
barley salad, south of the border
basil vodka
bean brownies
beef jerky
beet stir fry
berry cobbler/cake
berry-banana ice cream
biscotti, ginger
biscotti, lemon-cherry
biscotti, lemon-chocolate
blackberry bumble cocktail
blancmange, chocolate
blueberry baked oatmeal
blueberry tart with lemon curd
breakfast wheat berries
bread, beerbread, no-knead
bread, pumpkin-millet
bread, tatnall
brownie bites
brussels sprouts
brussels sprouts, shredded
bulgur chili


calzones with veal
candied orange peel
caprese pasta
caramel apple rolls
caramel coffee
caramelized red pearl onions
carrot and lentil salad
carrot pasta
cauliflower soup
cheesy rolls
chia seed pudding
chicken broth
chicken curry
chicken marbella
chicken noodle soup
chicken, roasted
chicken soup
chicken soup with sweet potato and parsnip
chickpea stew
chickpeas, spice-roasted
chili with black beans and sweet potato
chocolate banana cake
chocolate biscuit cake
chocolate chip cookie, new york times
chocolate chip cookie, the perfect
chocolate hummus
chocolate-covered candied orange slices
chocolate-dipped pretzels
chocolate-lime cake (flourless)
chocolate-sesame cookies
clafoutis with rhubarb
clam soup with fregula
cinnamon-raisin-bran quick bread
cobb salad
coconut curry squash soup
coconut impossible pie
coconut macaroons
colombian-style stew
cookies-for-one baking mix
corn chowder, dairy-free
corn gazpaco
corn soup
cranberry sauce
cranberry tart
cream of broccoli soup
creme brulee
currant pound cake
curried acorn squash and tomato soup
curry mee
curry, vegetarian


delicata squash
dream cake
drunken punkin’ champagne cocktail
duchess potatoes


egg nog creme brulee
egg salad wrap
eggplant, grilled
eggs in hell
enchiladas, vegetarian


fiddlehead pasta
fig newtons
fortune cookies
french onion soup
fried rice with baked tofu
friend rice, take two
frosting with raspberry
frozen yogurt


ganache tart
garlic paste
gazpacho, another way
general tso’s tofu sandwich
german potato salad
gin blossom martini
gingerbread cake
gnocchi, baked with brocolini
granola, autumn-flavored
granola bar
grapenut ice cream
green beans, blanched
grilled cheese sandwich
grilled lettuce
guinness whoopie pie
gummy fruit candy


hasselback potatoes
herby pesto salad
hot chocolate, dairy-free
hot cross muffins
hot sauce
hot toddy


ice cream, chocolate-covered pretzel
ice cream pops with mango and strawberry
isreali couscous


jam omelet
jello mold
junior mints


kale chips
kale salad with a fried egg
khao soy
kosher pickles


leek and goat cheese tart
leek and potato soup
lemon-berry cupcakes
lentil and roasted vegetable salad
lentil and spinach soup
lentil soup, greek-style
lettuce, grilled
limas, morgan’s roasted
lobster hash


mac and cheese
mac and cheese with hidden veggies
macaroons, french
margarita cookies
marinated tomato pasta
marshmallows, cinnamon sugar
mayonaise pancakes
melted onion and caperberry pasta
mexican hot chocolate chip cookies
minestrone, gentle
mint brownies
mint brownies, another way
muffins, banana bran
muffins, best banana
muffins, beta-carotene
muffins, carrot-applesauce bran
muffins, chippers-style
muffins, coconut-lime-ginger-oat
muffins, cranberry-walnut-wheat bran
muffins, gluten-free and egg-free
muffins, jelly-filled
muffins, morning glory
muffins, oat
muffins, orange blossom-sweet potato
muffins, plain old
muffins, pumpkin
muffins, pumpkin-spice bran
muffins, raisin bran
muffins, steel-cut oatmeal and blueberry
mushroom pasta
mushroom pie
mushroom ragu with artichokes
mushroom soup
mushrooms, quick-marinated
mussels with tomatoes, bacon and wheatberries


nachos, vegetarian
no-cook pasta sauce
noodle kugel
noodles with pluot, eggplant and tofu
nouveau sangaree
nutella cookies


oatmeal in a crockpot
okra, stewed
old fashioned cocktail
“one ingredient” ice cream
oreo cheesecakes
orzo and vegetable salad


pad thai
pancakes, drunken raisin and oatmeal
pancakes, carrot
pancakes, mayonaise
panna cotta
pasta, take two
pasta primavera con vongole
pasta primavera fresca
pasta salad, broccoli, white bean and pesto
pasta salad, more-veggies-than
pasta sauce, onion and tomato
pasta with roasted squash
pastries, filled
peach and pasta salad
peaches with ice cream
peanut-ginger sauce on tofu
peanut noodles with vegetables
peanut soup
pear panini
pecan pie
penicillin cocktail
pickled mushrooms
pie, deep-dish peach
pie crust
pie crust, with olive oil
pina colada cupcakes
pizza, broccoli and cheddar
pizza, broccoli and chicken alfredo
pizza, egg
pizza, faux-tanesca
pizza, tuscan
pizza with onion, ricotta, and chard
pizza with squash and kale
pizza crust
pizza crust (technique)
plum torte
poached pears
polenta, friend
polenta cakes
polenta pizza
polenta skillet
polenta with white beans and tomatoes
popcorn with dark chocolate and peppermint
pumpkin-chocolate chip bread pudding
pumpkin ice cream
pumpkin oatmeal
pumpkin scones
pumpkin seed brittle
pumpkin seeds, roasted with sugar and spice
pumpkin souffle


quinoa shepherd’s salad


red cabbage slaw (in a pillow case)
red wine sorbet
rhubarb crisp
rice bowl with tofu and vegetables
rice krispy treats
rice pudding
ricotta gnocchi
risotto, red wine and tomato
risotto with peas
roasted potatoes


salade composee
salmon in a cast iron pan
salmon-sweet potato burgers
savory pie
scones, british fruit
scones, chocolate-chia
scones, whole wheat
seafood boil
shellfish pasta
shepherd’s pie
short rib ragu
short ribs
shrimp and tomato spaghetti
skillet lasagna
sloe gin fizz
s’more chocolate chip cookies
soba noodles with kale
soft pretzels
sour cherry pie, deep dish
spaghetti carbonara
spaghetti with chickpeas, rosemary and bonito
spaghetti squash
spiced nuts
split pea and sweet potato soup
spring rolls
squash, ambercup
squash and chickpea roast
squash risotto with bacon
stuffed shells
summer squash pasta sauce
sweet and sour chicken
sweet potato bakes
sweet potato, baked and stuffed


taco casserole
tajine, fish ball
tapioca cream
tempeh stir fry
tiny tacos
toasted macaroni
toasted tofu
tomatillo salsa
tomato and ricotta pasta
tomato quiche
tomato soup, creamy vegan
tomato soup with quinoa and beans
tomato-bean dip
tortilla chips
trail mix
tuna casserole pasta
tuna ‘ghetti
tuna melt 2.0
turkey and mushroom cream sauce
turkey and white bean chili
turkey lasagne
turkey meatballs with spinach
tuscan bucatini



vace’s style pizza
veggie chili
veggie lasagna
veggie skillet


wheat berry risotto with mushrooms
whiskey caramel sauce
winter vegetable salad



yummy joes (meatless)



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