halloween baking extravaganza

In challenge on November 2, 2015 at 1:59 am

this year, i finally had the opportunity to make the halloween treat i’ve had my eye on for ages: the pumpkin cake shaped like a pumpkin. i know you’ve seen it on pinterest.

first, i roasted a sugar baby pumpkin, being careful to save the top and handle. then i used the pumpkin puree to bake two (giant) pumpkin-spice bundt cake (martha’s recipe and it’s good).


one sits upside down and gets a layer of (orange cream cheese) frosting and candied pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds/crystalized ginger.


and the second one gets flipped over on top, frosted with more orange cream cheese frosting, topped with the pumpkin top/handle, and surrounded with more crunchies.


i thought it looked fantastic and there was enough to feed an army of zombies. it also tasted great. mostly though, i’m just so pleased just to have done it after thinking about it for so long!

for those who need a chocolate fix, i also made a bittersweet chocolate ganache tarte with sea salt and oreo-graham crust.

this picture was taken before i styled it up on a white plate with plastic ‘roaches. i mean, it was halloween after all….



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