farmers cheese

In challenge on October 25, 2015 at 9:33 pm

longtime readers of this blog will remember the days when i used to do challenges. i love making things that are usually bought. not all the time, but just to better understand the item. some of my favorites were bagelsfig newtons, fortune cookies, junior mints, marshmallowssoft pretzels, and yogurt.

today’s post is in that same vein: farmers cheese.

(no, your memory is not deceiving you, i have made cheese before.)

so, farmers cheese (and i had to look this up) is technically a “pressed cottage cheese” or an “unripened cheese.” we’re not talking a hard block of cheddar, but softer, spreadable, creamy yumminess.

whether you add rennet or just boil the milk, essentially you’re looking to curdle it. that produces curds and whey (a la little miss muffet, aka cottage cheese), which you separate by draining and/or pressing, leaving you with the curd cheese. it’s got a texture similar to cream cheese, although a little crumblier.

you can use it in both savory or sweet applications. i like it on toast with jam. it adds a nice little tang which cuts the sweetness of the jam.


the recipe i used was from good eggs, courtesy of ms. nag


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