cressida cress

In ingredient on October 1, 2015 at 2:15 am

this summer, my farmers market had a really exotic selection of yummy greens. our favorite has been pea shoots, which taste just like sweet, tender, baby peas. eat the very thin ones raw with dressing or sautee the slightly larger stems quickly with a lot of garlic. mmm

but last week, i discovered cressida cress. related to watercress, that rarified green found with butter in crustless english tea sandwiches, cressida cress is described as peppery and spicy.

i also found some very unique mozzarella-like goat cheese, so farmers market dinner was open-faced tomato and melted cheese sandwiches with mayo, salt, pepper and a big pile of cress.


the flavor of the cress was great, and it would be an excellent way to spice up a regular salad, too. check it out!


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