high holy days

In challenge on April 5, 2015 at 5:07 pm

i didn’t celebrate either easter or passover this weekend. as ms lnrb says, i spent my sunday morning at the church of the long run.

but that doesn’t mean i didn’t take the opportunity to make some seasonal treats!

everyone loves a hot cross bun, but instead of the traditional version, i made king arthur flour’s hot cross bun muffin. (it’s from the baker’s cookbook and i can’t seem to find the recipe online!)


they were a bit tough (did i over-mix? over-bake? is the recipe bad?) but the flavor was just right. and since they are a quick bread rather than a yeast bread, they take no time at all to throw together.

this time of year also wouldn’t be complete without a box of matzo. personally i like it schmeared with a thin layer of room-temperature butter and topped with either a little jam or a healthy pinch of salt.

but there is much more to do with matzo, like matzo ball soup. instead of using matzo meal, i just ground up three or four sheets in my food processor until it was quite fine, and proceeded with martha stewart’s recipe.


it was a huge hit, especially after said long run and his sunday morning soccer game.  official icf jewish food consultant ms ekw also highly recommended the recipe on the back of the manishevitz matzo ball box. (isn’t it funny how so many family recipes come from the back of a package? my family’s never-fail crowd-pleasing oatmeal cookies are from the inside lid of the large round quaker oats box.) whole foods, however, does not deign to carry this brand (or big boxes of quaker oats, for that matter).

and what else do you need for dessert after a hearty meal of matzo balls than matzo candy? (this is the equivalent of eating all the strawberries you possibly can while they’re in season locally…)


matzo candy involves enrobing matzo in a layer of caramel and then a layer of bittersweet chocolate. i also sprinkled the top with fancy large-grain salt.

the recipe i used is from the kitchn blog, but i changed it up a bit. cooking the caramel in the pot and then in the oven for an additional 15 minutes is way, way too long. i did about three minutes in the pot (using light brown sugar, not dark, which i would recommend or your final product will taste too burnt) and 8 mins or so in the oven.

i also would not recommend waiting 5 minutes for the chocolate to soften once you sprinkle it on the caramel. just chop it very finely and spread almost immediately. this technique works well and means you don’t have to temper your chocolate. i left it out for hours and then refrigerated overnight before breaking it into bits and munching away. what a combination!


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