roasted cauliflower winter salad

In dinner on January 1, 2015 at 5:32 pm

at this time of year, coming up with innovative salads and getting enough veggies in your diet is always a challenge. it seems like i just bounce between roasted brussels sprouts and morgan’s roasted limas. both delicious – not complaining – but how about a little variety?

i was asked to bring a salad to a recent dinner, which prompted some research. of course, there’s the classic – some combination of apples, spinach, walnuts and blue cheese – but then i found this recipe for cauliflower and radicchio salad with toasted bread crumbs on top from fine cooking.


i have to say, it came out quite well and was a nice change on usual winter vegetables.

we had it as a side salad with white chili, but it is hearty enough for vegetarian lunch or dinner. it also made enough to feed an army, but leftovers would be fine for a day or so.

yes, the dressing has a raw egg yolk, but don’t be scared. it gives it a luxurious richness.

a couple changes i made:

  • boiled cauliflower is gross. i roasted mine instead with a little salt and pepper on a baking sheet at 375 degrees until nicely browned. i think it made the texture, flavor and appearance of the salad better
  • i used half torn radicchio leaves and half sliced endive for variety

otherwise, the recipe worked well and i would definitely make this salad again.


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