pumpkin-millet bread

In ingredient on October 16, 2014 at 12:33 am

do you eat millet?

my whole foods sells “seed-uction” bread that is so delicious. it’s full of – wait for it – seeds, mostly millet. and it’s gotten us hooked.

you’d know millet if you saw it – it’s a little round, light-colored seed that looks like quinoa without the tail. you might also recognize it as one of the main ingredients of birdseed. don’t let this dissuade you. it’s also gluten-free and full of magnesium and fiber.

my mom made this pumpkin-oat bread recipe for my grandmother and they both loved it. she said it was like my favorite oat muffin recipe, which, as you know, i’m obsessed with, so of course i couldn’t wait even a couple days before i tried the bread myself.

a couple changes to the recipe:

  • who has whole wheat pastry flour? i used half a cup of white flour and half a cup of wheat. so did mama cooks and it worked out for both of us
  • as you know, we’re a nut-free home (mostly!), so instead of pecans, i used half a cup of millet


i toasted it in a dry skillet (and cooled it) before adding to the flour mixture. not sure this was necessary step.

  • i did not use the topping. i thought with the millet, it would have enough texture already


and it really was so tasty with great texture. i find that quick breads are very filling at breakfast, too. probably because they are full of eggs and butter or oil.


a week or so later, i made another version of the bread, substituting 1/4 cup of molasses for 1/4 cup of the maple syrup, and using a cup of fresh/frozen chopped cranberries instead of the nuts. i topped it with a little millet for a cool look and a little extra crunch.


the flavor and color were both darker from the molasses (i pretty much only use blackstrap, which is even darker than the usual kind), but the cranberries keep it tart and light.



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