pancake lesson

In technique on October 5, 2014 at 11:20 pm

as you know, i make a lot of pancakes when we go to new hampshire. what kind, you ask? boxed. since it’s hard to maintain a fully stocked pantry in a summer home shared with others, we keep bisquick or stonewall kitchen or another box of pancake mix around at all times. flavor-wise, i don’t like “plain” pancakes, so i’m always throwing something in them, like (fresh-picked) blueberries or apple chunks.

anyway, to the point – i have finally learned two important lessons to make my pancakes come out well. and let me tell you, i learned these the hard way, making the same mistake time and time again. but now i think i’ve got it.

the ongoing problem is that my first batch of pancakes always comes out like this:


AWFUL, right? thin, pale and all together not appetizing.

my second batch comes out like this:


golden and puffy. that’s the same batter, i swear.

so, new rule one: mix up your pancake batter and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before cooking. i’m not exactly sure why, but i bet it has to do with letting the leaveners in the pancake mix do their thing.

new rule two: let your griddle heat up that whole time, as well. i always use the when-the-sprinkle-of-water-boils trick to know that the griddle’s hot, but if you think about it, sure the center of the griddle is hot, but you don’t cook all your pancakes in the center of the griddle! to get the whole thing at the temp you need, you need to wait 10-15 minutes.

it’s worth it. especially with an egg. mmm


did you know all this already and i’m late to the party? any other pancake tips you haven’t told me?

in any case, i can’t wait until the next time i make pancakes and get it right the first time out!


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