deep dish peach pie with crumble topping

In dessert on August 3, 2014 at 11:38 pm

so i made this. he was away for the weekend and i wanted to make sure he was good and glad to be home!

and it certainly lived up to expectations.


my only gripe – if it even reaches the level of “gripe” – is why isn’t this just a deep dish pie? the times calls it a slab pie. in my mind, a slab pie is shallow (this is quite deep, as you can see) and has a top crust.

in any case, you don’t care much what it’s called when you have sweet, spicy, fruity deliciousness in front of you.


the recipe is very simple. if you’re afraid of pies or pie crusts, you can absolutely do this recipe.

your food processor takes care of the crust part, and the rest is easy as pie. (sorry)

you don’t even need a pie dish! i made half a recipe – because even for someone who loves peach pie, 11-by-15 inches of pie is a lot of pie – and i used my 8-by-8 square glass baking dish. and even so it made a honkin’ lot of pie.

here are the steps, in pictures:


look at those beauties


i decided to skin them because they weren’t organic. easiest way is to plop them in boiling water for a minute or so (i used the fork to rotate them instead boiling a huge pot of water) and then use a knife or vegetable peeler.


the crust comes together easily and then chills for an hour


when you roll it out and pat it into the pan, it doesn’t even matter if you need to move some around and patch holes.


the filling is made yummier with lemon juice and nutmeg.


(look at that gorgeous new white bowl! it was a wedding present.)

the crumble topping has some dried ginger in it. and we’re ready for the oven.


there will definitely be some left for breakfast.



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