pasta primavera fresca

In dinner on June 3, 2014 at 1:01 am

for me, there is really nothing as wonderful as a big bowl of pasta. but as you know, i’m really trying to eat less refined white flour. it’s just better for us to avoid it.

so i go through all these contortions to make the big bowl of pasta just a little bit healthier. there are the quinoa pastas and the whole wheats, which are great, but sometimes only the good old white stuff will do. i read something (bittman, probably) a while ago that advised making pasta salad with more salad than pasta.

now i try to do that with hot pasta, too. especially in the spring and summer. these dishes are also great lukewarm or room temp.


so check out this one. pasta primavera fresca with peas, green beans, ricotta, a little lemon zest and shallot, and fresh arugula.

i also love that it’s a one-pot wonder.

i cooked the pasta in my cast iron dutch oven, threw the frozen veggies in for the last minute or so.


drain, and throw back in the hot pot with some finely minced shallot, olive oil, a biiiig dollop of ricotta cheese, some pasta water (don’t forget to save it before draining!), salt and pepper


and mix well.


if you’re going to serve it all at once, let it cool just a little and mix in the arugula right away.

i was planning on reheating some later, so i added the arugula to my bowl


and then topped with pasta.

fresh veggies, light cream sauce, fat noodles… and less guilt!


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