blueberry-peach breakfast wheat berries

In breakfast on April 6, 2014 at 2:35 pm

i love wheat berries, as you know. they are delicious and wholesome and filling and super healthy. i also love hot cereal for breakfast. so why not make hot wheat berries for breakfast??

i cooked about two cups of wheat berries in water per cooking instructions until the water almost boiled off.


then i added half a can of coconut milk, some frozen blueberries and frozen sliced peaches, and just a little bit of honey.


cook over medium heat until the liquid gets thick and almost all absorbed and the wheat berries are super soft.


it turned a delightful blue-pink color as cooked blueberries are wont to do,


and it made for a delicious breakfast for several days. just plop some into a bowl in the morning and pop it into the microwave until hot.

i even took it to work a couple times.


you could get fancy and top it with greek yogurt and nuts, too.


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