two-tomato and ricotta pasta

In dinner on March 2, 2014 at 5:58 pm

this was one of those things i concocted in my head and just had to try. turns out i’m super on-trend because just a few days later, the times ran a recipe using the same idea. haven’t tried yet, but i’m going to because it sounds delicious.

i started by sauteing a shallot and a couple garlic cloves in a little more oil than usual. when they got soft, i added a container of cherry tomatoes and a handful of slivered sun-dried tomatoes.


cook on medium or medium-high until everything is soft and the tomatoes start to split open. coax them with the back of a wooden spoon if necessary.


you don’t want it to get to dry, so add a little water or a little more oil if need be.

meanwhile, cook up some linguini, and toss it right into your large saute pan when it’s done.


save the pasta water because you’re going to need it.

turn the heat down a little and add between a cup and half a cup of part-skim ricotta.


stir everything together until it’s all mixed well. add a little pasta water to soften things up and taste for seasoning. i think it needs a fair amount of salt and pepper.


it was great!! i’m definitely going to use the ricotta technique again to create an easy, rich creamy sauce without a lot of fat.


and it came together so quickly.



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