french onion soup

In recipe on February 12, 2014 at 3:49 am

i made this one on new year’s day, because it seemed like a cozy and clean way to start 2014. the recipe is from the new york times, and i have to say, it takes a long. time. to cook all the onions, but it was worth it! you come out with a really tasty and flavorful soup without meat broth.

i mean, a LOT of onions.


especially when they make it clear you don’t want to “crowd the pan” for best browning.


a long time.

see the dark liquid at the bottom?


after you brown the onions, you deglaze the pan with water and save that liquid. that’s what you see here. it’s the base for the broth.

add lots of garlic and some herbs and water and cook a long time.


did i mention this recipe takes a while?

instead of covering the top with cheese like we americans think of french onion soup, just make some nice cheese toasts.


it was a lovely soup, but i don’t often have a whole day to devote to a cooking project like this. alas, i don’t think i’ll be making it again.


  1. Could do the first part and throw it in the slow cooker for the rest of the day.

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