vegetarian enchiladas

In recipe on January 25, 2014 at 9:00 pm

so, i just made this recipe for sweet potato and black bean enchiladas upon the recommendation of a coworker.

first thought – why have i never had an enchilada before?!?

more thoughts:

  • the recipe takes more time than a weeknight meal should. if/when i make it again, it’s going to be a sunday evening football dinner. (ok, i’ll make it before next september, but you know what i mean. too much for an ordinary tuesday.)
  • for the sauce, they want you to cook it just until hot (“then remove from heat”) but i left it there simmering away gently while i did the rest of the recipe and i think that was good. more cooking time = more flavor


  • “season with salt and pepper if desired” should be “season with salt and pepper no choice about it”
  • cut your potatoes small if you don’t want to be eating at 10 pm. they want you to mash them anyway, so size doesn’t matter for the final product and the smaller you cube, the faster they cook. also, i didn’t peel them, since the peel is where the good stuff is!


  • no need to use a potato masher – the back of a wooden spoon does just fine and it’s one less thing to wash
  • you only need eight corn tortillas. in fact, their picture only shows about eight. and i stood there in the grocery store looking at the packages… looking at the recipe… looking at the packages. and i only wanted to buy one, but it said TWO so i DID. maybe the recipe is sponsored by the corn tortilla lobby? in any case, buy only one package of eight tortillas. that’s plenty
  • having said that, i didn’t quite use all the filling. i had enough leftover for a lunch-size portion, if you’re okay eating mushy, stew-y things for lunch like i am
  • it needed a little longer in the oven than 15 minutes and a broil. use your judgement, but it wants to bubble a little (oven time) and brown on top (broiler time)

but in any case, YUM!

and isn’t it just the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?


make sure you have array of toppings, like cilantro, green onion, lime, avocado, more peppers in adobo, sour cream (or plain greek yogurt), etc


who could pass up a meal like that??



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