fresh pasta again

In technique on January 13, 2014 at 12:31 am

something about a snow storm makes me want to make fresh pasta.

e.g.: snowmageddon in 2010

this time, i tried a recipe from lidia bastianich. you make it in a food processor, rather than with your hands and a pile on your kitchen counter, which is cleaner, yes, but maybe not quite as much fun?


i used 2 cups semolina flour, one cup regular, 3 whole eggs (2 large, one extra large. bad, i know, but it was what we had), 1/4 cup olive oil, 7 tablespoons of water and a large pinch of salt.


besides the fact that the dough has to rest for 30…


it really doesn’t take that long. and if you weren’t using sauce from a jar, you could take that 30 minutes to make your sauce.

my point is that making fresh pasta doesn’t take a lot of effort, doesn’t take all day, doesn’t take any skill at all and is totally not as scary as it sounds.

ok, the rolling out and cutting is a little challenging, but only if you care deeply about even thinness and width (hint: i don’t!)

i folded it to make the cutting easier.



here’s the only thing – if you don’t roll it paper thin, it takes longer to cook than regular fresh pasta (1-3 mins). mine took almost 8.

i have to say, the texture was a little more… toothsome than store-bought pasta, but i don’t dislike it.

for toppings, i tossed the hot pasta with a little butter, seasoned artichoke hearts and chopped broccolini.


yum! i love snow storms!

  1. I just started using her recipe too! I think it’s easier to work with the pasta that has some oil incorporated rather than just egg and water. I made her whole canneloni recipe which was a huge hit, though not for vegetarians.

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