cocktail hour munchie ideas

In munchie on December 15, 2013 at 2:37 pm

just sharing these two because i think they’re so pretty.


crudites = always an easy win. i like mixing it up, though, here with baby carrots, endive, radicchio and little pita crackers. in the center, we have his famous roasted red pepper and feta dip. tastiest and easiest thing going. basically a jar of roasted red peppers, a block of feta and tons of garlic in the food processor. the details of the recipe are proprietary.


this was the halloween cheese board, as you can see by the uninvited guests… again, variety is key, mixing up textures, flavors and food groups. i have herbed goat cheese, two hard cheeses, a little salami or something he picked out, a tin of smoked duck spread, a fig-almond loaf and a little pumpkin butter in the middle, plus three kinds of crackers – sweet pumpkin-cranberries, rosemaries and cracked black peppers. if you ask me, add a glass of wine and that’s a meal in and of itself.

happy cocktail hour!


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