pumpkin oatmeal

In breakfast on October 6, 2013 at 7:54 pm

now is the time of year i try to consume as much pumpkin as possible. i like to think i’m making up for the years and years my mother wouldn’t feed it to me.

inspired by mrs. sim, i have started stirring a quarter to third of a cup of pumpkin puree into my oatmeal in the morning. i omit raisins (although there’s really no reason you have to), and instead add pecans, tons of cinnamon and just a teeny tiny drizzle of molasses. don’t like molasses? how about maple syrup!


stir it all together… it’s divine. so yummy and autumnal.

other benefits:

you don’t need milk, which sometimes gives me a tummy ache.

you get a serving of veggies in before 9 am!


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