savory oatmeal pan bread

In recipe on September 10, 2013 at 11:15 pm

so as you’ve probably noticed, i haven’t been blogging that much recently. my problem is that i’ve been using more actual recipes than i used to, and i felt that by not blogging about my own creations, i wasn’t being true to icf.

but then i decided, heck, it’s my blog! if i want to share and review recipes i’ve found and tested and maybe adapted, why can’t i? well, i can. let me know what you think.

recipe: savory oatmeal pan bread
from: new york times
original source

so the name is what totally grabbed me and i think i might have even exclaimed out loud. i mean, what do i love more than oatmeal? also, i’ve been trying to eat less sugar and looking into healthy savory snack options, so a non-sweet oatmeal baked good struck me as a great idea.

the only thing i didn’t like was that it was described as tasting like “good stuffing” because of the sage. as far as i’m concerned, there’s really no such thing as “good stuffing” (i know), but changing up the flavors and spices is easy to do.


first of all, i was shocked when i started putting the ingredients together and read that i had to mix the dough (batter?) for 30 minutes!? yikes. but that’s what they say, so dust off that stand mixer. and you know what happened? the oatmeal broke down a little. i guess that’s what they were going for.


also on that topic, consider waiting to preheat the oven until halfway through the mixing. especially at this time of year, i don’t need my oven cranking out 400 degrees for any extra time.

i ended up leaving the herbs out all together (on purpose – i was thinking about eating leftovers for breakfast with jam!), and i used buttermilk instead of regular. i also left out the onion because unfortunately, i didn’t have any. (did you read that right? i would have eaten bread with onion in it for breakfast with jam? indeed.) chives or green onions would be good, too.

as far as spices, i did add some freshly ground nutmeg. as i was getting ready to start mixing, i got a good whiff of the batter and decided that some nutmeg would compliment the black pepper really nicely.


as for flour, the recipe calls for whole wheat pastry flour, but let’s be honest, that’s a pretty esoteric ingredient and i wasn’t about to go out and find it just for this recipe. plus i wanted to make it NOW, not when i found the right kind of flour…

i actually have on hand a couple different kinds of flour, but the closest two were 100 percent whole wheat or unbleached cake flour. i ended up with the unbleached cake. i decided it was more important to go with the lighter/finer option over the whole wheat. whole wheat is probably for health purposes, cake flour is a technical consideration.

finally, i’m pretty sure my skillet is eight inches instead of nine, so when i plopped the dough in and it didn’t fill it, i got a little worried.


what a sad little puddle.

but i went ahead and spread it out like the recipe said.


into the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes until golden.


still a sad little puddle!


more like a pizza crust than cornbread-texture, which is what i was expecting.

i was so disappointed that it didn’t puff up AT ALL, and honestly, i can’t figure out what went wrong. the first thing you think about is whether your baking powder is old, but i don’t think mine is.

perhaps a flour problem? i did use cake flour instead of pastry flour, but i don’t think that would cause such trouble, either (that affects texture more than lift).

could it have been because i used buttermilk? would it have made that much difference?


maybe there was a mistake in the recipe? (another oddity: it included 3 tablespoons in the ingredient list, but only used two in the directions…)

flavor-wise, it was actually pretty nice. the dominant flavor was pepper, but it had really nice depth, too.

and you know what? the more i ate it (yes, we ate it), the more i actually liked this flat little naan-like bread. i think i’m going to have to try again, though, and stick religiously to the recipe. now it feels like a little mystery.

note! since posting this (and tweeting it at @martharshulman) the times made a correction. you beat for 30 seconds, not 30 minutes.


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