cold noodles with pluout, eggplant and tofu

In link on August 16, 2013 at 12:03 am

yes, i agree. this recipe sounds very weird.


but just as martha says, it is sweet and tangy (and hot, i guess, if you put the chilis in) and delicious. i really liked it, and i bet it will be even better tomorrow for lunch.

the only problem i had was that it was hard to mix all the ingredients together. i think next time i’d dress the noodles and then dress everything else. i’d make a little pile of noodles in my bowl, and then put a scoopful of the rest.

substitutions i made, based on necessity, not a plan, just so you know they work if you have to, as well:

lemon for lime
udon for soba
regular basil for thai
canola oil for sunflower

recipe from the new york times


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