mango and strawberry ice cream pops

In dessert on July 17, 2013 at 1:17 am

since making fudgesicles and since the temperature has been over 90 degrees for what feels like roughly a decade and a half, i’ve been thinking a lot about frozen treats.

this one is totally adaptable, obviously. use whatever you have around – fruit, berries, herbs, fruit juice, milk, cream, tea, coffee, even water.

i used one small mango and six or seven strawberries that i had leftover. blend them all up in a food processor or blender with some sugar (to your taste and based on how sweet the fruit is. i used a light tablespoon. you could also use honey, molasses, or maple syrup, again depending on your taste and what fruit you’re starting with) and a pinch of salt. you could add some vanilla or other flavoring, too, if you wanted.


then i poured the mixture into a measuring cup because i know my popsicle molds take a little over a cup of liquid. the fruit came to just under a cup, so i added enough heavy cream (mmm! you could use milk, fruit juice, tea, water) to top it off, and stirred well.


then into the molds, into the freezer (i wish i could crawl in there with them), and wait!




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