In ingredient on June 2, 2013 at 2:03 pm

fiddleheads are such a sign of spring.


they look like little curled-up leaves and stems, and that’s exactly what they are – of ferns.

as wikipedia says, “fiddleheads are available in the market for only a few weeks in springtime, and are fairly expensive.” i saw some the other day, and just had to try them. thanks, whole foods!

there was a special note with them that said to wash them very very well, and boil for 15 minutes before sautéing. now, that might seem a little rough for delicate young greens, but apparently they “harbor microbes” so you want to make sure anything on them is good and dead before consuming.


if the brown water is any indication, those microbes must be nasty.

i decided to toss them with roasted cherry tomatoes, capers, and pasta.

for the tomatoes, put them in one layer in a non-reactive (ie. not metal) dish, douse with olive oil and s&p, and bake for 45 minutes at 325 degrees.


they should split open and juice everywhere, but not totally collapse.


when the fiddleheads are done boiling, drain them very well, cut off the ends if they are brown, and sauté with some onion.



toss everything with thin spaghetti or angel hair pasta.


four thumbs up!


  1. We grow fiddleheads and like them best made into a soup very much like vichyssoise, substituting ferns for leeks. With a dandylion salad on the side it’s a spring tonic.

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