pasta primavera con vongole

In dinner on May 7, 2013 at 11:05 pm

this is a yummy spring pasta with a high ratio of veggies to pasta. the broth is scented with white wine and lemon, so you’ll probably want some bread to sop it up with. it’s also only a two-pot meal, which gets big points in my book.

start by rinsing your clams very well in several rounds of cold water.


next, blanche pieces of asparagus and peas.


in order to not waste the water, i used a strainer-spoon to remove them, and then cooked the pasta in the same water.


i went with bucatini, but you could use spaghetti instead. also, before you drain the pasta, reserve a cup of pasta water.

slice one large shallot and three or so garlic cloves, and sautee in a little oil in a heavy-bottomed pot.


when they’re done, add the clams and about a cup of wine. cover and let bubble on medium heat until the clams are open and falling out of their shells – about 10 minutes.


then i used the strainer-spoon again to remove the clams from the broth. don’t worry about scooping up some onions/garlic at the same time.. we’ll get it all back in there eventually.

add the reserved cup of pasta water, 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter, a teaspoon or two of lemon zest (to your taste), and some salt to the broth. add the pasta and veggies. you might also want to add some red pepper flakes here.

pull the clams out of their shells and add back into the pot (with any onions/garlic that came out, as well).

sometimes i like presenting pasta with clams in shells, but sometimes it makes for an easier dining experience when they are already removed.


get everything mixed well together. you’re looking for a consistency between usual pasta and noodle soup.

serve with lots of parmesan cheese!

[my phone died right before i served it, so you’ll need to trust it was very pretty and delicious!]


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