a gin blossom martini

In beverage on March 21, 2013 at 10:17 pm

have you ever had a song come on the radio and even though you haven’t heard it in years, it’s your favorite song and you remember every single word?

this one.

you’re welcome.

coincidentally, i was at home that very evening looking forward to a nice glass of wine… which we didn’t have, so i pulled out all the alcohol bottles (not many, mom!) and made a cocktail.

it wasn’t half bad – despite the fact that gin is not my first choice for liquor – so in honor of my earworm, and because it was pretty, i’m calling it a gin blossom martini.


place a sugar cube in the bottom of a martini glass. soak it with lemon juice.


shake about a shot and a half of gin (the good stuff, thanks to grandma!) and a 1/4 shot of vermouth until very cold. add to the glass.


stir a little and garnish with a toothpick-ful of maraschino cherries.


cheers, 1992!


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