tomatillo salsa

In munchie on March 10, 2013 at 5:20 pm

mrs jk introduced me to this recipe and i can’t get enough. so yummy. and so fun to use tomatillos! before trying this, i had always been scared of them. i mean…



so, obviously you take that off.


and then you slice in half.


some were different inside… i’m not sure if that’s ripe verses not ripe? or rotten? or just different? anyone?


i used them all.

place face down in a cast iron pan with some garlic cloves


and roast until soft and charred on both sides.


toss into a food processor or mini chopper with a couple canned chipotles in adobo.


this is where you can adjust the flavor and heat, depending on your own preference for adobo. i like more adobo flavor but less heat, so i add an extra pepper, but take out the seeds and veins.

blend until mixed, as smooth as you want it.


serve with chips!

recipe from ellysaysopa.

  1. I had chips for brunch. I also found our new brunch spot for when you come home. Love you!

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