taco night

In dinner on March 3, 2013 at 9:23 pm

i love taco night.


i get to use all my pretty little bowls, and mix lots of yummy things together.

for toppings, i had (l to r) shredded romaine, diced avocado, plain greek yogurt, fresh tomato and onion salad with cilantro (just buy an onion, a couple toms, and a bunch of the green stuff, chop, and mix), lime wedges, shredded cheese (since i didn’t want a whole bag, i got a small container from the grocery store salad bar. brilliant, say i!), and a small can of diced, pickled jalapenos (they’re not hot, really, they just add a nice sourness if you’re not using salsa).

the “filling” was a can of black beans i heated up and mushed a little. i also made “fijita” veggies – sauteed/blackened strips of onion and green pepper.

serve with hard or soft taco shells.

i like to crumble the shells in a bowl and add e’r’thing on top, salad-style.



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