thailand: (some of) what we ate

In travel on January 28, 2013 at 11:34 pm

there were too many wonderful things about our two weeks in thailand, and the food definitely ranks up there in the top three.

here is just a sampling, mostly from where we stayed on koh kood. the place, and food, absolutely blew us away.

photo credits: him (obviously)


in the tokyo airport – japanese curry with rice.


crab larb – a super-spicy salad with onions and mint.


prawns fried with fresh green peppercorns, lemongrass, basil, garlic, and lemon rock salt. these rocked our socks off.


the “asian breakfast” – rice with broth and chicken meatballs, garnished with celery leaves, fried garlic, and fresh ginger.


whole shrimp. big ones. lots of garlic.


they have tiny clementines!


raw prawn salad with raw garlic, mint, shredded carrots, and spicy dipping sauce/dressing.


whole fried fish.


asian breakfast, fish-style.


butter-fried bananas. so soft, so creamy. they came with chocolate sauce, but were so good, i left it off. that’s how good they were.


we took a cooking class, and i made the curry fish cakes on the left!


this meal was a winner. it was at krua apsorn, known as one of the best restaurants in bangkok, but very unassuming. rumor (and pictures on the wall) have it that the royal family eats here. clockwise from the left: prawn and lotus-shoot curry, crab in yellow curry with green onions, mussels with fresh peppercorns, lemon grass, and basil.


pad ki-mow with seafood. the reputation of this place is, “people come from around the world just to eat here.” supposedly the best version of this dish you can get in bangkok. supposedly…

what we don’t have pictures of, unfortunately, is all the delicious street food we ate from carts, and delicious desserts like sugared egg yolks, and green tapioca with corn kernels and coconut sauce.


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