chocolate dipped pretzels

In dessert on December 15, 2012 at 3:35 am

one of my favorite snacks – the salt and sugar together is just so fabulous.


not that it matters, but i should really call them chocolate-covered pretzels, because as you’ll see, there wasn’t any dipping.

but let’s start at the beginning.


pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, and very large-grained red and white sugar.

i melted the chocolate chips (one whole bag plus a couple extra squares i had around covered two 10-ounce bags of pretzels) in a bowl over simmering water (because i don’t have a double-boiler!).



then, instead of dipping, we (those are mama cooks’ hands!) used the spatula to smooth chocolate over the pretzel.


then i sprinkled candy cane or sugar over each one.


set on a piece of wax paper and let them dry for about a day. if you need them quicker, throw them in the fridge.


and don’t toss the broken pieces! you can coat them, too.

so good. they went fast!


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