lobster hash

In guest on December 9, 2012 at 4:21 am

a guest post from one of my absolute favorite foodies, who also happens to make a wicked – and awarding winning! – cocktail. i sure do miss you, too, bd!

there’s two occasions on which lobster hash is a perfect brunch.

1.  when you need to seal the deal in a relationship

2.  anytime you’re feeling like a lush

i should note that lobster is totally within the budget these days.  the seafood section at wegman’s sells this pretty stuff for $10.

while elbow length white gloves are optional, pouring yourself a mimosa is a must. so, whichever reason leads you to making lobster hash in the first place, add a splash of a delicious fruit juice to a flute full of bubbly.


to get the show on the road, dice a half a dozen red potatoes, some peppers, and some onion.  i usually go for some mini sweet peppers to make the dish really colorful but a half of a green and red bell pepper will do. i add a clove of minced garlic, too.


add a tablespoon or so of olive oil to a hot skillet. throw in the red potatoes and give them a good salt and pepper. keep the heat at medium high for a few minutes to get the potatoes browned. turn the heat down to medium/medium low, add veggies and garlic, cook for a few more minutes and then cover with room to breathe, stiring occasionally. after’while the potatoes should be nice a homefry-ey, usually about 20 minutes total. while the potatoes are cooking, you’ve gotta fry up some bacon and make some toast.


give the thawed lobster meat a quick rinse, add it to an empty skillet with a tablespoon of butter.


saute those delicious lookin’ meaty lobster claws for a few minutes, strain the liquid and add lobster to the potatoes.  there’s never any harm in a few sprinkles of old bay right about now.


i like my hash topped with two eggs, sunny side up, cooked in the tiniest drizzle of that fat rendered from the bacon, with a healthy grind of pepper.

some sliced green onion sprinkled on top makes my heart sing and this dish look like a rainbow.


refill your champagne flute, and enjoy!!


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