split pea and sweet potato soup

In dinner on October 23, 2012 at 1:33 am

don’t judge me, but this dish was inspired by one of those “celebrity chef” recipes in the back of a people magazine. (for the record, i didn’t actually follow the recipe, i just used the idea of pea and sweet potato and lemon and thyme… procedurally, it’s quite different. in case you’re allergic to all things people magazine.)

i started by sauteeing one onion in a big soup pot until it was pretty brown, then i added six cups of water and a pound of split peas.

when that came to a boil and had been bubbling along for 10 or so minutes, i added one large-ish sweet potato cut into chunks (skin-on), and let it all boil together until super soft, just less than an hour.

about halfway through, i added about a teaspoon or a little more of fresh thyme and a tablespoon of salt.

when everything was mushy, i used my immersion blender to blend it smooth. go for whatever texture you like here.

i also added the juice of one lemon, two more cups of water, and another teaspoonful or so of salt.

the interplay between the sweet peas, sweet potato, and sour lemon really makes for a very nice, complex flavor.

and if you (like me) generally stay away from pea soup these days because of the pig factor, this is an excellent way to enjoy it again.

i should also add that this is one of the cheapest dinners i have ever made. it comes out with at least four servings (depending on your audience) and i spent less than $5 on a bag of dried peas, a sweet potato, some thyme, and a lemon.


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