apple-walnut breakfast yummies

In guest on October 13, 2012 at 5:08 pm

my dad cooks, too!

he writes: lots of apple, but for me, the lots of walnuts did the trick. heck, you make or buy whatever filling you want. (i can’t wait to try high-end cherry pie filling…and then savory sausage crumble, egg and cheese…braised lamb…soft-boiled egg, mmmmmm)

the ‘recipe’ is simply to use the pop’n fresh crescent dough in the cupcake/muffin pan. i found a tiny 4-count dough roll at the acme. it was pre-perforated into 4 triangles, but i mushed the perforations together and cut the dough into 3 squares.

i can’t say the cupcake papers are best since i have not tried this without them in a teflon muffin pan. they stick a little to the paper when still hot.

further mush the squares into rough rounds…the more you can fold them over into a sort of top crust, the better it holds together as you run to catch the bus. a little corn starch [in the filling] would help too.

you can come make me breakfast anytime!


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