wheat berries

In ingredient on October 9, 2012 at 10:05 pm

wheat berries are one of my favorite grains, but i only recently started cooking with them myself.

first, they are amazingly good for you. one serving contains six grams of protein, eight percent of your daily iron, and more than 20 percent of your daily fiber.

they also have a really fantastic, toothy texture. they are firm, and almost pop a little when you bite into them.

and they have a mild, nutty-woody flavor, which makes them a great backdrop for a salad or a side dish with a piece of meat.

the one drawback is that they take almost an hour to cook.

i first discovered wheat berries in the prepared food section of whole foods, in a salad with cranberries. so good!

that’s what i went about trying to approximate here. i wanted to include sliced green onions, but there weren’t any at the grocery store this morning, so slivered white onion will have to do.

you could also add crumbled cheese (maybe blue cheese? or goat?) or some toasted nuts (i think walnuts would compliment the flavor nicely).

as for a dressing, i made a simple vinaigrette with half champagne-pear vinegar and half balsamic, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and olive oil. you could really use whatever kind you wanted – even just a simple splash of balsamic.

i took it to work for lunch with some greens and a slab of tofu. who says vegetarians don’t get enough protein?!

other things you can do with wheat berries… substitute them for the quinoa in this hearty tomato soup with quinoa and beans or mix them into risotto (coming soon!).

  1. I like that you’re a veggie :)

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