my grilled cheese sandwich

In technique on October 4, 2012 at 12:21 am

if you ask me, there’s really nothing better than a great grilled cheese sandwich.

everybody makes their’s a little differently, but here are ten tips for my perfect grilled cheese.

1. swiss cheese, and only, ever swiss cheese. cut into thin slices so it melts nicely.

2. a nice hearty wheat or whole-grain or oatmeal bread that comes in a traditional sandwich loaf shape. trying to fit your cheese on an irregular-seized piece of bread means you risk some dripping out!

3. mayonaise. just a little shmear on the inside of both pieces of bread. preferably hellmann’s.

4. relish! i absolutely could not eat a grilled cheese sandwich without relish. preferably heinz. the relish should go between two thin layers of cheese.

5. make sure your frying pan in on medium-low heat so that it melts the cheese inside before getting the outside too brown.

6. my mom used to butter the outsides of the bread, but during my (short-lived) vegan phase, i decided i liked using a thin layer of olive oil in the pan instead. it really fries up the outside nicely and makes it super crispy. mm! make sure you add a little more when you flip the sandwich, because the first side probably soaked it all up.

7. use the back of a spatula to press the sandwich a little as the two layers of cheese melt together through the layer of relish.

8. making more than one? place the done one on a cooling rack on a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven to stay warm and melty while you cook the others. no one wants a cold sandwich…

9. a grilled cheese sandwich must always be cut diagonally.

10. ideally, the perfect grilled cheese sandwich is served with one or more of the following: tomato soup, a glass of milk, carrot sticks, apple slices, cornichons.

as you see in the top picture, for the meat-eater in my house, i added some pieces of prosciutto and used grainy mustard instead of mayo/relish. we all make compromises for the ones we love.

what’s in your perfect grilled cheese sandwich?

  1. i’m with “him” mustard and mayo, no relish. blend of cheddar and american. definitely tomato soup.

  2. i love hearing from you and knowing you follow the blog! :)

  3. put the mayo (of course, Hellman’s), just a light smear, on the outside – browns so nicely

  4. cabot 50% fat free cheddar on a solid whole grain makes me feel “healthy”, but sometimes american on white is kind of awesome (and you can dip it in ketchup).

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