chicken soup for a cold

In dinner on September 23, 2012 at 3:06 pm

i woke up saturday morning feeling even worse than i had on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. so what’s the only possible cure? a steaming hot bowl of the tastiest chicken soup.

he used this new york times recipe, with a few modifications.

first, he used the pressure cooker for the first 45 minutes to get more richness out of the chicken bones. second, we didn’t have turmeric, so he used curry powder.

it was a little different from your average chicken soup. it had parsnips and sweet potatoes in addition to carrots and onions, and omitted any noodles or rice.

but it was amazing – broth so flavorful, meat so tender – really, some of the best chicken soup i’ve ever had.

and it did its work! i’m feeling much better today.


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