tuscan bucatini

In dinner on September 18, 2012 at 11:56 pm

this is similar to a dinner i’ve made before, but it was way better this time.

what you need:

a can of white beans, a can of artichokes, a tin of sardines (you could use tuna if you prefer), some bucatini, a couple cloves of minced garlic, and some good parm.

first i fried up my artichokes – cut into quarters – in a little oil until they started to brown. (this step is optional – if you’re running short on time, skip it!)

meanwhile, cook your bucatini. how freakin cool is this stuff?

the texture is amazing. i may never eat regular spaghetti again!

before you drain it, make sure to save at least a cup of pasta water.

also, flake your sardines with a fork.

into the (now empty) pasta pan over medium-low heat (since i’m all about not dirtying too many dishes), i put the oil from the sardine tin – this is also optional. if that sounds too fishy for you, use a little EVOO – and cooked my garlic.

then i added the white beans (drained), the artichokes, and the fish. stir everything together and get it up to temperature. you don’t have to cook it, per se, but you don’t want a room-temp dinner.

then toss in the drained pasta, mix, add pasta water, mix… until it all starts to stick together. don’t worry about the beans, artichokes, or fish breaking into pieces. it’s all turning into sauce!

then transfer it to your serving dish (or individual bowls) and top with more flavor:

grated parm and a squeeze of lemon. (i should have added either capers or a big handful of chopped parsley or some red pepper flakes, too, but i didn’t think of it/have it around/like spicy foods)

this got two enthusiastic thumbs up from both of us, so it’s probably going to become part of the usual dinner rotation.

one note of caution. you may not want to take leftovers to work the next day unless you don’t mind stinking up the lunchroom… oops

  1. This is outstanding. My wife is the cook and I never do…except for this recipe. It is quick, easy and delicious. I’m making it for her again tonight. Brilliant!

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