what we ate, the fourth

In travel on September 2, 2012 at 4:11 pm

it’s that time of year again! what we ate on vacation:

no blueberries this year! i was forced to be creative for breakfasts and desserts. these are sweet corn muffins with peaches.

and then this happened… yupper.

things we learned: 1) use a spatula to gently toast the graham cracker and melt the chocolate just a little bit. 2) sprinkle flaky salt on it!

happy hour tray – cheese and crackers and fresh kohlrabi sticks from the garden with flaky salt. i had never tried it before, but raw, it tastes a little like broccoli stems. the seasonal cocktail was arak and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice in honor of israel. instead of mint like you’re supposed to use, i used basil. mmmm

always lobsters!

he wanted steak.

despite the fact that i’m really eating hardly any meat at this point, when my boyfriend wants to make you a steak, you want to accept. there was searing over hot coals, and finishing on the gas grill. he takes it to a whole new level and they are so worth it.

fish sticks so fresh they were swimming less than an hour before, with scrambled eggs and sweet potato hash.

another super-fresh whole fish (well, it was whole…!) with panzanella – toasted bread, fresh garden tomatoes, onion, and basil that has all marinated together in olive oil, salt, and pepper for a day or so – and sauteed garden-fresh spinach with lots of garlic!

more grilled lettuce. i can’t get enough.

another annual favorite – grilled chicken, peaches, and peppers with a lime-cumin-raisin dressing.

again, desserts were tricky because we usually just blueberry-out. so instead i made cherry shortcakes. the biscuits were great, the whipped cream was great, but honestly, the cherries just didn’t have enough flavor or sweetness to stand up to everything else. crossing fingers for the blueberry crop next year…

and of course, champagne thursday at the prettiest place on earth.

not pictured: leftover steak sandwiches, fried egg breakfast, waffles that didn’t come out of the waffle iron correctly and were more of a pile of scrambled waffles…!

  1. There was a lot more chocolate, cakes and ice cream involved on our holidays so I think you did well. A glass of wine with the view looks good :)

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