pina colada cupcakes

In dessert on July 24, 2012 at 12:06 am

to amuse ourselves, my coworker (a fabulous, almost-professional baker) and i decided to do a cupake throwdown.

the theme was cocktails, and after consulting with my consultant, i decided to go with pina colada.

i started with my favorite basic yellow cake recipe, and added one can crushed pineapple –

drained VERY well!

– and rum extract.

i went with rum extract over rum itself because i was concerned about adding too much extra liquid to the batter, and i thought i’d need less extract for more flavor.

unfortunately, i didn’t think they tasted very rum-y at all, despite the fact that i used the whole bottle. other people disagreed.

(i had extra batter, so i made some minis and a small cake, too.)

anyway, then i made coconut butter cream frosting (regular butter cream with coconut extract) and topped them with shredded coconut.

to emphasize the cocktail theme, i also added a maraschino cherry (drained and dried VERY well so it didn’t run into the frosting) and an umbrella!

the competition:

orange-ginger mojitos.

they came with straws!!!


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