broccoli, white bean, and pesto pasta salad

In lunch on July 10, 2012 at 11:46 pm

ok, i admit this one is a little weird and probably not to all tastes, but it combines my dual passions for not ever wasting any food, and for smothering things in pesto.

i was stumped about what to make for lunch this week. but i did have six old broccoli stalks (i always save them..), a few florets, the tail end of some leftover pesto sauce, and a bag of tj’s mini pesto tortellini.

so i peeled and cubed the stalks and blanched them with the florets, them mixed them into the pasta with pesto and plenty of cheese. looking at it, though, i decided it was too starch-heavy for lunch and needed a little protein, too.

luckily, i am always stocked with several different kinds of canned beans. garbonzos would have been good, but i chose canellini.

it was simple but good!


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