broccoli and cheddar pizza

In dinner on June 20, 2012 at 12:20 am

much like a b-list celebrity, in my opinion broccoli and cheddar is a b-list flavor combination: popular enough, but still a little weird.

have you ever had broccoli and cheddar soup? i’m told the kind in the hannaford’s soup bar is even better than the one you get at applebee’s. (who are my sources, you may ask? i’ll never tell.)

anyway, i happened to have broccoli pistou, frozen broccoli (that i padded up with some frozen spinach), and some shredded cheddar. and a tj’s pizza crust.

it turned out really well. this really feels like “guilt free” pizza, because how could you go wrong eating that many veggies? even if they are sandwiched between cheese and bread?

have a mentioned my best pizza tip recently? for really crispy bottom crust (this is if you don’t have a pizza stone), preheat your oven to 450 degrees with the cookie sheet in it. build your pizza on a silpat and when the oven’s hot, slide the pizza/silpat on to the hot cookie sheet. voila – super crispy bottom crust. (just don’t cut the pizza on the silpat…)


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