loaded pasta salad

In dinner on June 5, 2012 at 12:52 pm

got enough pasta salad there, kid?

i love the idea of a big bowl of pasta salad with more veggies than pasta in it – for a quick, easy, healthy, tasty one-bowl lunch or dinner.

deciding what to put in is the easy part. i used:

shredded carrots
green onion
red pepper
brocoli florets
green beans
a can of black beans
some thinly sliced pepperoncinis

definitely colorful!

the hard part for me is the vinaigrette. i’m not good at vinaigrettes.

i was sort of going for a southwestern-type flavor, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to get there. so first it was white vinegar and champagne-pear vinegar, with oil, agave, salt, pepper, a little mustard… but that wasn’t kicky enough. so i added some more of everything, plus some pepperoncini juice.

still not flavorful enough. in went more green onions and about a 1/4 of grated parm i had in the fridge. then some lime juice… and salt. lots of salt.

really lame. my mom suggested using some chili spices (chili powder, cumin, cinnamon) but i was afraid i already had too many things going on…

it wasn’t bad, and i really like the concept, so we’ll be revisiting, i promise.


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