tuscan pizza

In dinner on April 30, 2012 at 1:21 am

i adapted (read: stole) this pizza idea from stone hearth pizza co. near my house. it is divine.

start by throwing three to five cloves of garlic (depending on how likely you are to be kissing anyone later in the evening…), some salt, pepper, one can of cannellini beans, and three-ish tablespoons of olive oil in a food processor.

blend until very smooth. you’ll probably need to add five-ish tablespoons of water (or bean juice if you saved that when you drained them) to get the right consistency. you’re going for more spreadable than hummus:

keep in mind, too, that it will dry out in the oven, so err on the side of wetter.

meanwhile, make some quick pickled onions by slicing about a quarter of a red onion very thinly and soaking it in some apple cider, champagne-pear, whatever sweet vinegar you have around, for the time it takes you to put together the rest of the pizza.

slice the rest of the onion thickly and sauté it until it starts getting soft and brown. add some rosemary – dried or fresh – if you have it around.

this time, i spread the bean puree on the pizza crust, then scattered the cooked onions.

and baked until brown and delicious.

because the bean paste dried out a little around the edges, next time i think i would half-bake the crust (8 minutes or so) then spread it with bean paste and onions, and finish it off.

either way, top your pizza with a salad of spinach and pickled onions (make a quick vinaigrette with the onion-soaking vinegar, olive oil, s&p) right away so the spinach wilts just a little.

a fun new twist on white pizza! and he liked it, too, despite the appalling lack of meat.


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