cooking oil

In tool on April 23, 2012 at 12:07 am

a little oil in your pan before you start doing most anything in the kitchen is one of our most important tools. until now, i’ve always used straight up olive oil. (the extra virgin from whole foods in the green glass bottle is good and very affordable.)

but after reading “plats du jour,” a cookbook from the girl and the fig, i’m using something else.

because olive oil is delicate and damaged when exposed to heat (and expensive), they recommend that you only use plain olive oil for drizzling on top of things and for good salad dressing. for cooking, they use a 3 to 1 mixture of vegetable oil to olive oil.

so i’m currently giving it a test run.

i poured it into an old, large beer bottle

and topped it with an oil-drizzling-top. now it sits next to my stove with all my other go-to ingredients that sit next to the stove.

so far, so good. i know there’s a slight decrease in the healthy properties when you substitute veggie oil for olive, but there’s definitely cost to factor in, and i haven’t noticed a change in flavor.


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