leaf and stem pistou

In technique on April 6, 2012 at 1:50 am

in the spirit of saving and using everything, tamar wants you to turn the left over stems, leaves, and other green parts of veggies that you usually throw away into “pistou,” a garlicy green sauce that is good for spooning over meats, adding to soup, schmearing on bread, etc.

so here i go…

add 1/2 a cup olive oil, some salt, and three garlic cloves. simmer until soft, then blend (oops, turns out my food processor isn’t quite water-tight…), and keep in the fridge.

when you’re getting ready to use it somewhere, you may want to gussy it up first, like adding a good handful of parm, for example, or more olive oil. i made pistou pasta and pistou pizza!

i also froze what was leftover. he always complains that we never have any ice around because i use the ice cube tray for food. guess i do…

will i cook like this every week? i’m not sure. but literally throwing nothing away (except the garlic papers, and i’ll bet tamar would have used them somewhere, too!) was a pretty awesome experience.


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