valentine’s bonbons

In challenge on March 1, 2012 at 11:44 pm

first, a disclaimer. forgive me, mother, for i have sinned…

the (crazy, hair-brained) idea here was to make tiny heart-shaped bonbons filled with rich chocolate cake and enrobed in a decadent pink chocolate shell. (i’m currently taking a marketing class. can you tell?)

unfortunately, i decided to go looking for a tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter the day before valentine’s. as the guy at iparty said to me, “today is MONDAY. TOMORROW is VALENTINE’S DAY. we WON’T be getting another shipment before THEN.” well, no bonbons for you, sassy pants.

in the absence of the heart-shaped cookie cutter, i made them tiny cubes.

start by making a cake from a box.

when it cools, break it into pieces

and mix with a container of frosting.

of course, you can use any combination you’d like – red velvet and cream cheese frosting. vanilla and vanilla.

but since wass st. chocolate’s day and i was taking these to a party of women drinking champagne, i made chocolate-on-chocolate.

you can also use oreos or other cookies, ground up.

anyway, if you are making traditional cake balls, shape the “dough” into balls, freeze or chill until hard, and dip in chocolate.

instead, i spread the “dough” onto a jelly roll pan, flattened it with a cutting board, and chilled it.

then i was going to cut out tiny hearts with my tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter. instead, i made them tiny cubes. still cute, i suppose.

now dip in pink “chocolate”

and decorate with sprinkles!

things i like: they are small. they are widely popular with friends. they are cute enough.

things i don’t like: they are not heart-shaped. they are time-consuming! plus i used all the chocolate and only half the cake.

would i make them again? hard to say… maybe. but at the same time, all these “maybes” are teaching me valuable lessons about melting chocolate and dipping things, like keep the water under the chocolate only at a bare simmer! i did not know this for the orange slices.


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