burlington, vt

In travel on February 22, 2012 at 1:53 am

needing to get away this long weekend, we headed three hours northwest to visit some friends in burlington, vt. not so much to do in the winter when there’s no snow… but so much to eat and drink, which made us even happier.

of course, if i were a reputable food blogger i would have taken pictures of everything. good thing no one’s ever accused me of that… sorry!

if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods, i recommend trying:

for breakfast

speeder and earl’s coffee – free wifi, good coffee and tea, breakfast pastries and muffins, nice space for sitting and doing homework

great harvest – they are a chain, but they do it so well. of course they serve coffee and tea, but you’re there for the bread. anyplace that offers me a free slice – and i mean, a hot-from-the-oven, big ol’ honking slice – as i walk in the door gets major points with me. we bought loaves of cheddar garlic and “mountain crunch” to bring home, but the warm cinnamon swirl straight out of the oven was heavenly, too. they also make soup and sammies at lunch time. when i retire, or decide i’m fed up with the government, i will work at a great harvest.

for lunch

four corners of the earth – to say this place is “eccentric” is a total understatement. you feel like you stepped into a crazy uncle’s kitchen, and he may take 30 minutes to acknowledge you’re even there, but once he puts a sandwich in front of you – yum. all toasty and warm and made right in front of you with his bare hands! (i mean it. he didn’t wear gloves. or a hair net over his long, flowing grey locks. don’t let this deter you, though. it really was a great sandwich.)

fresh market – decent sandwich, good soup, do NOT miss the linzer torte cookies.

for dinner

the farmhouse tap and grill – sure, we waited two hours for a table for four, but that’s a small price to pay to eat at such a delicious and happenin’ spot. i had the ricotta gnocchi with pistou which was really fabulous. everyone else loved their dinner, too, but the “edward” beer is what almost made us (him) go back a second time in two days.

san sai japanese restaurant – solid japanese food. if you’re into salmon skin rolls, this one is killer.

for touring (and more eating…)

trapp family lodge – (yes, that trapp family) not too far of a scenic drive from burlington for amazing views of the mountains, great beer, and a really great meat and cheese plate (among other offerings).

ben and jerry’s factory tour – don’t even bother on a weekend. they are charging $4 per person for a tour, making you wait at least 30 minutes, and don’t even make ice cream on saturdays and sundays! so what, exactly, am i paying/waiting to see? dunno. we didn’t stay.

cabot giftstore – get your vermont-tourist on, and bring home some maple syrup and powdered cheddar. and/or stuff yourself with free samples…

bennington potters – unfortunately, they no longer make the dish my mom sent me there to replace the broken one with. sniff.

  1. The Bees Knees…Morisville VT

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