christmas cookies

In dessert on December 29, 2011 at 3:57 am

i made two different kinds of christmas cookies this year:

those are tart cherry jam thumbprints on the left, which i wasn’t super impressed with. they’re not very pretty, are they? mum said they looked homemade… as a compliment.

the others are chocolate chip gingersnaps. now those were an enormous hit. at the party, at work, at home… everywhere. everyone loved them. they will become a regular for me. and super easy, too! the combination of ginger and chocolate is so unexpected and works terrifically. (is that a word? it should be.)

  1. Those ginger cookies look great! One suggestion I’d make on the thumbprints – it looks like there is an evaporation line from the jam baking in the oven…I can’t tell for sure from the photo, but if it’s there, I have a great way to help with that (it makes the cookies come out so much tidier!) Typically I bake the thumbprints, sans jam, halfway through, then I take them out. I usually need to gently redent the cookies with the back a spoon. I fill the indentations with jam that I have actually gently liquified on the stove, and then back in the oven to bake the rest of the way. By doing it this way, there is no evaporation line! and I find that having the jam liquified actually makes the filling in the cookies come out looking smoother and the texture isn’t gummy :)

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