kitchen scale

In tool on October 25, 2011 at 11:41 pm

my new favorite kitchen gadget! (does it seem like i have one every month? ha)

it’s a kitchen scale, and it’s absolutely necessary if you want to be an advanced baker.

but even if not, i’ve come across a lot of recipes that use weights rather than measures.

like one that called for 6 ounces of chocolate.

or another that used a pound of fresh pumpkin.

once i wanted to make half a recipe of trader joe’s pumpkin-spice muffins, but the recipe on the box called for “one box of mix.” (yes, i do use mixes sometimes…) the only way to be sure i was getting half the box was to weigh it.

at around $25 from a good hardware store with a kitchen department, a scale is a solid investment for any kitchen.

and if worse comes to worse, as the box says, you can always use it to weigh postage…

  1. I love love love my kitchen scale too. The tare function is basically the most awesome thing ever…and I can use my Nigella cookbook without being confused!

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