savory pumpkin souffle

In dinner on October 6, 2011 at 2:07 am

i was home alone for dinner one night, and instead of scraping up whatever was at the bottom of the refrigerator, i decided to try something cool.

i had some leftover canned pumpkin (’tis the season!) and for some reason decided i wanted to make a one-serving souffle with it. don’t ask me why. i’ve never made a souffle before. and i’ve probably only eaten one a handful of times in my life. totally random.

i checked out my trusty fannie farmer cookbook, but not surprisingly, there wasn’t a recipe for pumpkin souffle. but i do know that you can make fruit souffles, so i turned to that page, and it turns out you make them with fruit puree. like pumpkin puree. perfect. i’d just leave out the sugar and TA DA!

i started by heating 1/3 cup of canned pumpkin in a small sauce pan. added a pinch of salt and garlic powder and a tiny bit of dried rosemary.

then i decided it looked a little thicker than fruit puree, so i added 3 tablespoons of water, as well.

while that was heating, i beat 2 egg whites until very stiff, but not dry.

and i prepared my dish. this was a challenge because for the sweet souffle, you are supposed to butter and sugar it. so i olive oil-and-floured it. we’ll see…

mix the hot pumpkin with the egg whites (right about now, i’m thinking this is never going to fit in that dish.)

and spoon it in. (the dish holds 1 1/2 cups, according to the underside)

pop into 375 oven for 10 to 12-ish minutes, until golden.

yum! i was really pleased with it! sort of a better variation on eating scrambled eggs for dinner. i thought i’d never finish it all, but it was pretty light (duh) and i did.

of course, pumpkin is more than just a savory vegetable, and you could easily turn this recipe back into a sweet souffle for a tasty and seasonal dessert. use lemon juice and sugar – and pumpkin pie spice?! – instead of garlic powder and rosemary, and butter-sugar your dish instead of olive olive-flour. oooh. maybe i should have made it that way instead…


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