“single girl” dinners

In dinner on September 22, 2011 at 11:10 am

lest you think i eat well all the time, when it’s just me and my computer and the tv, sometimes i cut a corner (or four…)

here we have one leftover chicken sausage (there were no leftover buns), and half a can of kidney beans mixed with some leftover broccoli and dressing.

a salad, hummus toasts, wine…

breakfast for dinner is my favorite meal of the day, and here is my idea of an egg-and-cheese: one scrambled egg mixed with leftover ricotta cheese and basil, sandwiched between two leftover blueberry pancakes (i made too many last weekend, so i cooled them, froze them, then reheated in the oven)

cheese and bean taquitos (from the frozen food section of trader joes) and half a red pepper because i was feeling guilty about my veggie intake. i also made a really yummy dipping sauce with half a shallot (minced) salt, pepper and cumin to taste, mixed into some low-fat plain greek yogurt. it added that creaminess you want with mexican food, but without the full-fat sour cream.


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