lemon olive oil

In ingredient on September 8, 2011 at 11:10 am

i’ve never before been one for flavored olive oils really, but i was given a lovely bottle of lemon shortly before leaving DC and since i had used up my regular bottle of EVOO but didn’t want to buy a new one and move it, i opened the lemon. i figured i’d use it as regular, what damage could a little lemon flavor do?

well, i’m converted. now in a lot of recipes, i use it instead of regular oil (although i wouldn’t recommend sauteing in it because the heat messes with the flavor). especially salad dressing.

i can’t get enough of this recipe:

too much garlic powder
lemon olive oil
champagne (or other mild) vinegar

i’ve been eating it on salad with chickpeas and cherry tomatoes all week at work, and it’s really lovely. the lemon flavor is subtle, but definitely there, and pairing it with the veggies is unexpected but works really well.

one other thing, and you’ll need to trust me on this one… last weekend i was making blueberry pancakes, but i realized i didn’t have a”neutral” (flavorless) oil (like canola or vegetable) to grease the skillet (because i tossed a bunch of staples before the move). i used the lemon and it didn’t make the pancakes taste like olives at all. just lemon!

i’m wondering if i should branch out to other flavored oils, too…

  1. I was at the Flower Festival at the National Cathedral in late spring and stumbled upon an artisanal oil and vinegar stand. I spent far too much money there, but two of my favorite finds were a blood orange olive oil and a sauvignon blanc vinegar. Put them together and you have the BEST vinaigrette I’ve had in a while. It also works well with certain veggies – saute some chard and add a few drops. Love it.

  2. DEFINITELY try other infused oil! I keep a couple around all the time: garlic infused, white truffle infused, black truffle infused, etc. The truffle infused olive oils are particular favourites of mine – I drizzle them on scrambled eggs, lightly grill cheese sandwiches in it…they add so much amazing character to an otherwise ho-hum dish. Frank (my husband!) won’t even eat grilled cheese anymore unless it’s been cooked in truffle infused olive oil :)

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